Uh-Oh #GPSMusic UK Bhangra Remix

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Uh Oh Remix Track Photo

Bringing back that oldschool love this year, we really wanted to remix this song because we are huge fans of Anjali World.  She’s part of the movement of breaking South Asian artists mainstream. She also runs an amazing foundation, check out her Instagram for more.  All the links are in the YouTube more info section.  As for the music, I grew up on UK bhangra from producers like Rishi Rich, Dr Zuess, RDB, and more so I brought the worlds together.  Our own Anjali re-sung the vocals and switched up a few lines, and I flipped the rap verse.

For you guys thinking, “but this sounds like something really old, like from my childhood”.  Well than you’d be right!  The original Uh-Oh was a latin mainstream crossover hit from Lumidee released in 2003!  Check out Lumidee and Anjali World’s versions on YouTube.

Uh-Oh #GPSMusic UK Bhangra Remix

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