We Had To Flip This One! French Montana Unforgettable #GPSMusic Remix

unforgettable remix track photo

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We are huge fans of French Montanta’s work, inside and outside the studio. Make sure you follow him on Instagram and check out his amazing charity work. My mom was born in Uganda and came to Canada in her late teens. So I could not be more proud of French Montanta, and hope to be […]

Uh-Oh #GPSMusic UK Bhangra Remix

Uh Oh Remix Track Photo

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Bringing back that oldschool love this year, we really wanted to remix this song because we are huge fans of Anjali World.  She’s part of the movement of breaking South Asian artists mainstream. She also runs an amazing foundation, check out her Instagram for more.  All the links are in the YouTube more info section.  […]

‘Bout Us – Dating Outside of Your own Culture and Religion

Bout Us Video Screen Shot

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A reallly short post because I want you to watch the video instead.  ‘Bout Us (f. Elise Estrada and J. Young) is based on the true story of desiFest co-founder SatsB and his wife Michelle.  The video deals with the taboo in South Asian culture of dating and marrying outside of your culture and religion.  […]



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VANCOUVER EDM GROUP ‘GLOBAL PARTY STARTERS’ RELEASES SOPHOMORE ALBUM Vancouver’s genre-bending EDM group Global Party Starters release their much-anticipated sophomore album, “TONIGHT”, featuring radio charting artists Elise Estrada and J.Young. GPS, in its past year, has been nominated for two Canadian Songwriting Awards, were semi-finalists in the Unsigned Only Music Competition, achieved cross-Canada radio play, […]

Collab with Lilly Singh & Humble the Poet


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I wanted to give you the quick story behind the track “Intro No.1”.  This is the first track on our debut album “Keep Us On Your Radar”. While flying in a plane to Toronto, I really felt like doing something Toronto-focused that I could play for people while I was out there.  I reached out […]

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